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Live from Gambier, it’s Friday night with Two Drink

Live from Gambier, it’s Friday night with Two Drink

by Devon Musgrave-Johnson

For performers and comedians  seeking validation, or students wanting a few good laughs, look no further than the three comedy clubs on campus. Though small, Kenyon’s comedy culture covers a wide range of styles.

“If you are funny, someone will give you a mic,” Kyra Baldwin ’17, a member of the groups Two Drink Minimum and Beyond Therapy, said. Joining the comedy scene at Kenyon can be as easy as showing up to an open mic night or telling some jokes at the dinner table.

Between the three official comedy clubs on campus — Beyond Therapy, Fools on the Hill and Two Drink Minimum — as well as other budding clubs such as Cake Party and The Ballpit Whalers, there’s no shortage of opportunities to make people laugh at Kenyon.

Each of the three main comedy groups on campus focuses on a different style of comedy: Beyond Therapy covers sketch comedy, Fools do improv whereas Two Drink does stand-up. “We share the same blood and a lot of the same members, but each group is a different skill set and a different muscle being used,” Ethan Fuirst ’17, of Two Drink Minimum, said.

Two Drink Minimum, the stand-up group, is preparing for its fall semester show, “A Night of Dry and Vigorous Comedy.” The show is tomorrow at 8 p.m. in Peirce Pub and will feature five-minute stand-up sets from each of the nine members of the group.

“I’m really excited about the show — we have a wide variety perspectives that we can bring to the table,” Adam Berndt ’17, of Two Drink Minimum, said. Berndt started out as an emcee for shows on campus, such as a cappella concerts, then decided to audition for Two Drink.

During a rehearsal earlier this week for their upcoming show, the group went over some last-minute jokes, music choices and the running order. Two Drink tends to cover a wide variety of topics — from candy corn to Osama Bin Laden — and throws every type of humor into the mix.

Two Drink Minimum is not the only group performing comedy on campus. Fools on the Hill recently performed a series of short-form improv sketches for students and parents over Family Weekend, and are preparing a long-form show for the last weekend of fall semester. Beyond Therapy is preparing for their hour-long sketch comedy show set for later this semester.

It is also possible for students to put together a comedy show without the help of an official club. Six students, including Fuirst and Baldwin, put on a comedy variety show during the spring semester last year entitled “Very Good Comedy Show.”

“For such a small school, it’s cool that the three basic forms of comedy are all represented,” Fools member Lindsay McLaughlin ’18 said.


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