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Voting yes on the upcoming school levy is unconstitutional

By Staff

The way Ohio schools are funded was deemed unconstitutional in 1997 in the case of DeRolph v. State, in 2000 in DeRolph II and again in 2002 in DeRolph III.

The reason: School systems in areas with higher property values could much more easily meet the needs of and provide more opportunities for their students, while students in poorer areas suffered.

Governors Voinovich, Taft and Strickland attempted to fix the problem without success. Now Governor Kasich has a plan, but it also does not fix the problem. As long as we, the voters, continue to allow funding of our schools by use of property taxes, this system will never be fixed.

I encourage everyone to vote NO on any and all school levies and contact Ohio senators and representatives and demand they fix school funding in a way that is fair and equitable for all students in Ohio.

The proper education of our children should be a priority for all Ohioans, but property owners cannot afford to continue to bear this burden. We must find an equitable plan that ensures everyone shares in the expense of educating our children. I am not saying all education can and should be equal. If parents have the resources to provide enhancements for their childrens education, good for them!

Property taxes for Knox County include the school district, township, career center, fire department, library, general fund, county mental health, developmental disabilities, senior center, childrens services and the board of health and parks.

Those of us who own property simply cannot afford to pay anymore, and those of you who do not own property should not expect us to.

Sally Kerwood, Gambier resident

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