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Safety swoops in on makers of fraudulent parking decals

Safety swoops in on makers of fraudulent parking decals

By Sarah Lehr

Students ラ particularly first years ラ regularly gripe about how far their designated parking lots are from their residences. Two students, fed up with the distance, recently took their parking assignments into their own hands, and in doing so, broke the rules.

On Tuesday, Nov. 12, a Campus Safety officer discovered parking decals on two separate cars in the Norton Lot that did not look quite right. The size differed slightly from that of the official decals. In addition, the lettering indicating the years 2013-2014 was in black instead of white. The officer looked up the two vehicles in Safety’s registry and discovered that the cars were only licensed to park in South Lot 2, which is near the Kenyon Athletic Center.

Safety officers periodically inspect parking lots for violations such as these, according to Campus Safety Director Bob Hooper, but Hooper said this is the first case of fraudulent decals. Manufacturing fake parking certificates is easy enough to do on a computer and Hooper sees the crime as a consequence of the times. “Where we’re at technology-wise, it’s easier to do now,” he said.

There is no indication that the students sold or otherwise distributed the decals to anyone else. As of now, the two await the judgment of Kenyon’s judicial system, but Hooper maintains that the consequences will not be severe. “The students were very cooperative,” he said.

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