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Stop dilly-dallying, AIB

At what point does haste makes waste cease to apply? For two months, the Committee on Academic Standards (CAS) has been spitballing ways to streamline AIB sentencing, which is now so sluggish it may actually discourage faculty from reporting misconduct. CAS is now touting a Fast Track program, which seems like a decent improvement on the current protocol. (Though its laughable that under the current system it takes weeks for students and administrators to find a mutually agreeable time to punish cheaters.) Make haste, CAS. Move beyond tweaks and draft a sharp policy that deters plagiarists not just with speed, but with a simpler reporting procedure that allows professors to go straight to the AIB and harsher punishment for students. This policy need not be perfect revisions can come down the road but it needs to come soon.

English minor is right precedent

Some naysayers have accused the English department of diluting its brand by offering a minor. We happen to think the departments announcement is a good one. The conditions of the English minor are actually pretty rigorous, requiring students to study as many historical periods as English majors. And if the whole point of a liberal arts education is to master a variety of intellectual skills, then a minor seems like a good way to encourage students to enlarge their learning. Heres hoping other departments take note, because if the Colleges most esteemed discipline can do it, so can you, drama, chemistry and political science.

ResLife must lower expectations

In February, we pointed out that it is unreasonable for CAs 20-hour work week to include crisis management and policy enforcement. That should be the domain of the four full-time, grown up assistant directors. In light of this weeks article by news editor Lauren Toole, wed like to restate that claim. ResLife needs to show CAs the same solicitude they expect CAs to show residents.

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