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College will replace corroded Gallery roof

College will replace corroded Gallery roof

By Katie Overbey

It’s only been two years since its opening, but already the Gund Gallery is in need of serious renovations. Last July, the College discovered a series of mysterious white blotches on the Gallery roof; closer investigation revealed corrosion in the zinc panels that were used to construct the roof. The splotches began to grow rapidly, and the College determined the roof would have to be replaced.

Chief Business Officer Mark Kohlman is overseeing the roof replacement project. According to Kohlman, the process of replacing the roof began in the fall. “Early in September is when we put the ice and water shield across the whole roof,” he said.

The shield was installed in an attempt to stop the already severely damaged roof from further corrosion. For the winter, however, the roof will need to undergo another temporary change. Kohlman says they plan on “tearing off the existing roof and putting on a temporary roof that’s made of rubber.” Stronger and more durable than just the ice-and-water shield, this temporary rubber roof should sustain the Gallery until the spring, when workers will be able to install the permanent replacement.

As for the effect that the construction will have on students and their use of the Gallery, Kohlman stated that the roof maintenance project should not interfere with access to the Gallery itself.

The contractor has agreed to put in the temporary roof free of charge. “We’re still working through all [the details],” Kohlman said, “but right now they’re putting the temporary roof on at their expense.”

With regards to planning for the expenses of the permanent roof, Kohlman said, “We don’t anticipate [having to pay].” Chair of the Student Council Building and Grounds Committee David Hoyt ’14, who is also the Collegian‘s chief copy editor, said he is “glad that they noticed the issue before it got any worse,” and feels “confident that it will be fixed and that the roof will function properly.”

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