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My boyfriend wants to live in an NCA together next year with a couple other friends. I don’t think that would work out too well, but he’s insistent. How do I tell him no?

Sincerely, Don’t Wanna Live With BF

Lady: This is a terrible idea. I cannot stress that enough. You need to explain to him that it is best not to live together. I have always stressed that living with either a friend or a significant other will kill a relationship. The only friends you can live with are friends you made through rooming and then became friends. Roommate first, friend second.

The same applies to a boyfriend or girlfriend. Your relationship exists partly due to the fact that there are some things you have no idea that your significant other does. Bathroom habits should never be known by either person in the relationship.

Lord: Dear DWLWB, I think this is a great idea. I know tons of people who have lived with their significant others successfully! For example, my parents. They’ve lived together for years and have never had any problems. Also, I currently live with my girlfriend of five months, and we’ve been getting along great! Granted, everything she does annoys me more and more each day, but that’s normal, right?

Lady: Wrong. How could you be so wrong. DWLWB, if you want to have a successful relationship, do not, I repeat, DO NOT live with your boyfriend. I’m sure the way he lets food fall out of his mouth or that perpetual mustard stain on his chin already bothers you. Imagine living with it. Eventually, all you will see when you’re with your boyfriend is a tangy, talking, yellow blob. And you can’t date a blob.

Lord: I don’t really know what you’re talking about, but it seems like a metaphor. Anyway, my point is: if you love your BF (and I’m sure you do!) you should definitely live with him! Take that next step and see where it may lead you! Who knows, maybe you’ll graduate with a MRS. degree … know what I mean?

Lady: Or maybe you’ll graduate single, jaded and alone. The choice is yours.

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