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Committee will study athletics

By Phoebe Roe

Made up of alumni, students, professors and administrators, the Committee to Study Athletics was formed last summer with the goal of breaking down the different facets of the Kenyon athletic program and deciding which areas need the most help. “We’ve taken this big charge and asked, ムHow can we make this more manageable?'” said Tacci Smith, associate dean of students.

The committee meets once a month, each time to focus on a different issue related to the Kenyon Athletic Center (KAC). In light of recent crimes at the KAC, the committee is more crucial now than ever before. “It was kind of interesting that we were already meeting and then things started coming up,” said Smith.

Smith and her fellow committee members are expected to give their recommendations to Kenyon’s president next spring after months of review and a survey that will be distributed next fall. The survey will go out to everyone who uses the KAC, community members included. The survey will focus on what parts of the KAC are used the most, asking questions such as, “Why do you go to the KAC?” and “What do you like most about the KAC?” The hope is to make recommendations for positive changes without affecting the budget, such as reconfiguring the weight room rather than buying all-new equipment.

Smith said the committee would only meet through next year unless the president or other College administrators think more needs to be done.

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