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Whos Who in the Current Student Government Elections

By Rebecca Dann

Sarah Baldessari 15 and Andrew Gabel 15 both have a lot on their plate. The two first years are each running for several student government positions next year: sophomore representative to Student Council, sophomore representative to Campus Senate, sophomore class president and communications director for Student Council, plus Campus Senate secretary, in Baldessaris case.

Gabel, who currently serves on First-Year Council, doesnt care which position he is awarded, just as long as Im in a position to do something meaningful for the class, he said.

Baldessari expressed a similar sentiment. Ive always really enjoyed and gravitated towards Student Council, and I have a general concern for the students and faculty, she said.I think its really important to make Kenyon the best it can be.

Sophomore Representative to Student Council

Four first years are vying for this position: Gabel, Baldessari, Kelsey Hamilton and Jackie McGraw.

Hamilton, who currently serves on First-Year Council, has a lot of ideas for the campus, she said in her letter of intent. I would be an enthusiastic, hard-working addition to the Student Council.

McGraw, the first-year representative to Student Council, would like to continue to serve as class representative next year. Ive met a lot of different kinds of people and believe that I can bring multiple points of view and perspectives to the table. I would love to make all voices heard next year, she said.

Sophomore Representative to Senate

Four first years are competing to represent their class on Senate: Wilfred Ahrens, Baldessari, Gabel and Ryan Nabil.

Ahrens, who serves as the Collegians design editor and whose father attended Kenyon, believes his family history with the College will improve his ability to serve students.

As a legacy student, I have a distinct love for this place a love that was instilled in me long before I took my first steps on Middle Path as a student, he said in his letter of intent.

Nabil, the first-year representative to Senate, is also in the running for Vice President for Academic Affairs and Campus Senate co-chair. Because I am from Bangladesh, Kenyon is truly my second home, he said. I deeply care about student and academic life. By being on five [student government] committees, I have had a lot of exposure, which has made me learn a lot about how things work.

Sophomore Class President

Baldessari, Meredith Bentsen, Gabel and Megan Shaw are all running for sophomore class president. Bentsen, who currently serves on First-Year Council, said she will represent all members of the current first-year class because she has taken the time to really get to know her peers.

Shaw loves Kenyons small, tight-knit environment and wants a chance to give back to her community. In her letter of intent, she said, I would be honored to serve as Sophomore Class President, and help our small community continue to thrive.

Junior Class Representative to Student Council

Samuel Loomis is unopposed in this position.

Junior Class Representative to Senate

Luke Rogers is running unopposed. He has not yet submitted his letter of intent.

Senior Class Representative to Student Council

Faith McDuffie, who is unopposed, has been involved with student government for the past year and a half and is currently in several leadership positions around campus. By being a [Community Advisor], Ive learned a lot about the freshman class and know a lot about whats going on, not just because of my job but also by naturally picking up on things, she said.

Senior Class President

Ryan Liegner is running unopposed for this position. He has been class president for his past three years at Kenyon and feels that his experience has taught him how the Council works and how to be successful in his position.

Student Council President

Both Liegner and McDuffie are running for this position. Ive come to have an informed understanding of the functions of Kenyons student government, Leigner said. I see a lot of unrecognized potential in our current system, and with the right programs and legislation, we could have a closer campus community.

McDuffie also has plans for the future of Kenyon. I would like to see student organizations work together in the following years and have more of a focus on issues of privilege and diversity, she said.

Vice President for Academic Affairs

There are three candidates for this position: Natalie Hession 13, Nabil and Danny Semelsberger 15. Hession, who currently serves on the Academic Affairs Committee, cites the significant leadership abilities she gained in that position as giving her the confidence that she is up to the task of serving as vice president.

Nabil has also had a considerable amount of experience and believes that he is fully prepared to contribute all he has learned to this position. Semelsberger, who currently serves on the Academic Affairs Committee, feels this position must be filled with someone who already has experience with the group.

Vice President for Student Life

Kelsey Mazeski 13 is running unopposed for Vice President for Student Life.

Chair of the Business and Finance Committee

Sam Baker 13 and Andie Asimes 13 are running against Nabil for Chair of the Business and Finance Committee.

Chair of the Housing and Dining Committee

Tommy Brown 13 is running unopposed for the Chair for Housing and Dining.

Chair of the Campus Safety Committee

Alexander Ramani 13 is running unopposed for this position.

Communications Director for Student Council

Baldessari and Gabel are again running against each other for this position.

Campus Senate Co-Chair

Monty Clark 13 and Nabil are running for Campus Senate co-chair. Clark 13, who served as Junior Class Representative to Senate, wrote in his letter of intent that he loved the opportunity to become active on our campus with a vigor and deeper involvement with another year of service.

Independent Representative to Senate

Semelsberger and Julie Weiner 13 are running for the position.

Campus Senate Secretary

Baldessari and Weiner are running for the position.

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