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Plans for Bexley Art Building Uncertain in the Short Run

Plans for Bexley Art Building Uncertain in the Short Run

By Grace Hitzeman

As construction continues on the new studio art building, the College is considering both short-term and long-term plans for Bexley Hall.

No formal proposal has been presented to the board, said Mark Kohlman, chief business officer.

Currently, options for a short-term plan, which would last for the next three to five years, include administrative space, some student-use space, multi-purpose space or a computer lab, according to Kohlman.

Though once a residence hall, the College does not have plans to convert the building back to dormitories because costs would be three times more per bed than in the North Campus Apartments, according to Kohlman.

Long-term possibilities include a large-scale renovation for administrative offices. A bunch of different departments are vying for the Bexley building, said Rachel Walsh 12, chair of housing and dining.

For now, however, Bexley will only be cleaned and painted.

In addition to changes to Bexley Hall, the College is also considering renovating the current Mayer Art Center (informally known as the Art Barn) for new student space. Part of the North Campus Housing Project included a building that would have a laundry and general activity space; it was relatively small. So the decision has been made to eliminate that building and use the Art Barn for those purposes and other things, Kohlman said.

Besides laundry, the Art Barn may also gain a kitchen in which individual students and student clubs could cook dinner for up to 30 people, according to Kohlman.

The Art Barn may also incorporate the Craft Center. The building the Craft Center is in has seen its better days, Kohlman said.

President S. Georgia Nugent said integrating them might be a good idea, because I think we need to tear [the Craft Center] down. I just think its in bad shape, structurally. But, obviously we dont want to lose the Craft Center function.

Renovations to the Art Barn will start in the fall and the College hopes they will be completed by January so that students can start using it second semester next year. This summer, we will be focused on moving the studio art faculty into the new art building, Kohlman said, so nothing is going to happen in the Art Barn until after the end of the summer.

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