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Phase I of NCA Construction Nearly Complete

Phase I of NCA Construction Nearly Complete

By Lili Martinez

Construction on the second part of Phase I of the North Campus Apartments is almost finished, and Phase II will begin next spring, according to Director of Facilities Planning Tom Lepley. The new Studio Art building is also in its final stages, and Lepley said drywalling will begin when workers install the plumbing and electricity. It is scheduled to be ready for occupancy in June of this year.

Nine North Campus Apartments will be available for seniors in the fall, Lepley said. “My goal [for] this spring, before students return in the fall to occupy these nine buildings – and they will all be occupied, possibly even [a 10th] one if we can get it done quick enough – [is for] all of the landscaping to be done,” Lepley said. “We’ll get the spring seeding done, so everything will be nice and green.”

“The messiest thing [with the North Campus Apartments construction] was the geothermal well drilling because of the water that it generates and the mud that comes out,” Lepley said. “For phase two we’re going to create little retention ponds that, once drilling is finished in that particular area, will be cleaned out all the way.”

Phase II, set to begin in June 2012, is contingent upon the demolishing of the Bexley Apartments this coming May. The final buildings will be complete and ready for occupancy for the 2013 school year. All buildings will also have between 50- and 400- foot geothermal wells.

“[The North Campus Apartments project] is one of my favorite projects because it really benefits the students, and I have a little special place in my heart for students,” said Lepley. “That’s what the place is all about, and I like to do things like this that really help the students.”

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