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Liberal Arts Grads Satisfied, Research Groups Says

By Erin Mershon

Kenyon students tend to hope they’re getting something more out of their educations, and a new study from the Annapolis Group provides the data to back that hope up.

Seventy-two percent of liberal arts graduates were completely satisfied with the overall quality of their education, compared with just 41 percent of graduates from top public universities, according to a study released Wednesday by the Annapolis Group.

The researchers conducted phone interviews with over 2,000 graduates of the 130 liberal arts colleges, including Kenyon, that belong to the Annapolis Group. They compared survey responses of alumni from liberal arts schools with those of private universities, the top 50 public universities and a broad group of public flagship universities.

Liberal arts graduates tend to be more satisfied with their undergraduate experiences and are much more likely to believe that their educations had a significant impact on their personal and professional development.

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