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Kenyon Earns “Artistic Colleges” Rating

By Sarah Lehr

The Daily Beast, a website affiliated with Newsweek magazine, recently ranked Kenyon 12th on its list of the 25 most “artistic” colleges. Rankings were determined based on data from CollegeBoard, according to The Daily Beast website. The website states that only “selective schools,” meaning “four-year schools that admit less than 50 percent of applicants,” were considered. Furthermore, the website details that rankings were determined by giving a 66 percent weight to the “percentage of undergrads in visual/performing arts” and a 33 percent weight to whether the college hosted various art-focused clubs. “It’s time for our students to be recognized for their artistic endeavors,” Professor of Studio Art Claudia Esslinger said. “We know how excellent they are.”

The Daily Beast cited that 12 percent of Kenyon students are visual or performing arts majors. Even so, Professor of Studio Art Marcella Hackbardt said that involvement in arts is not limited to majors. “Our fine arts division is thriving,” she said.”Not only do we have fine art and performing art majors and minors, [but] many students from other disciplines take these courses and develop their creative abilities, as well as their creative thinking skills, that they will apply to all their life’s passions.”

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