About Us

Founded in 1856, The Kenyon Collegian is the student-run weekly newspaper that covers the Kenyon College and Gambier, Ohio communities. The Collegian publishes a print edition most Thursdays during the academic year, and is distributed free-of-charge in the Village of Gambier.

The organization is staffed entirely by students, most of whom are volunteers. Some editors receive a small stipend.

Our masthead

Editors-in-Chief: Maya Kaufman, Victoria Ungvarsky

Executive Director: Nathaniel Shahan

News Editors: Bill Gardner, Emily Birnbaum

Features Editors: Frances Saux, Grant Miner

Arts Editors: Devon Musgrave-Johnson, Dora Segall

Sports Editor: Noah Nash

Opinions Editor: Tobias Baumann

Columnists: Evan Cree Gee, Griffin Burrough

Photo Editors: Jack Zellweger, Shane Canfield

Chief Copy Editor: Amy Schatz

Art Directors: Lydia Felty, Julia Waldow

Design Editors: Julia Plottel, George Halliday

Design Consultant: Rose Bishop

News Assistant: Kevin Crawford

Features Assistant: Lelia Jo Dusthimer

Photo Assistant: Nikki Anderson

Associate Copy Editor: Samantha Stahlman

Circulation Manager: Isabel Formby

Advisors: Bryan Burrough, Katharine Weber

Faculty Advisor on Leave: P. F. Kluge


To notify us of a correction regarding any of our published content, please email us at

How to submit an Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor

The Opinions page is a space for any member of the community to discuss issues relevant to the campus. The opinions expressed on this page belong only to the writer; op-eds, letters to the editor, staff editorials and cartoons do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Collegian staff and Kenyon College.

We welcome anyone associated with Kenyon College or the surrounding community to submit an op-ed or letter to the editor. Submissions for the Opinions page should be emailed to by Tuesday at 4 p.m. the week of publication. We cannot accept submissions after this point due to the nature of our production schedule.

Op-ed contributions should generally be between 500 and 600 words. The Collegian cannot accept anonymous or pseudonymous letters, and op-ed pieces must be signed by individuals, not organizations. Your op-ed should be an original, persuasive piece that discusses or addresses an issue directly relevant to Kenyon or the local community.

Letters to the editor must be 300 words or fewer and should respond to a Collegian article from the previous issue. The Collegian cannot accept anonymous or pseudonymous letters, and letters must be signed by individuals, not organizations.

The Collegian reserves the right to edit all op-eds and letters for length and clarity. The Collegian reserves the right to write headlines for op-eds.  Members of the editorial board reserve the right to reject any submission, including op-eds, letters and ads.

The Collegian prints as many letters and op-eds as possible each week subject to space, interest and appropriateness. The Collegian reserves the right to publish submissions exclusively online in the event of space constraints in our print issues.

How we’re funded

The Collegian is a registered student organization at Kenyon College, which entitles us to apply for monies collected through the student activities fee — a regular charge to students and families. Each semester, we go before the Business and Finance Committee of the Student Council and request a new budget for the following months. In most years, we have requested money to cover the cost of printing the paper and paying for various projects on the Internet.

How to subscribe

Subscriptions to the Collegian are $50 for the year, covering 24 print issues. You can mail a check to P.O. Box 832, Gambier OH 43022, and you can send your address in the mail or to