Zombie epidemic invades Gambier

On Saturday Oct. 22, approximately 30 brave students and an ambulance escorted “zombies” on Middle Path to be quarantined in Weaver Cottage. The zombie outbreak, part of Robert A. Oden, Jr. Professor of Biology Joan Slonczewski’s Biology 211: Health Service and Biomedical Analysis class, was based on a quarantine in Weaver Cottage that actually occurred during the 2009 Swine Flu epidemic. Inspired by the Centeer for Disease Control’s zombie protocol, the event was designed to get students thinking about emergency preparedness, a goal Slonczewski believes they met, based on the response to the email campaign. “It gains the attention of people who would have otherwise just ignored thinking about it, ”  Slonczewski said. Jess Khrakovsky ‘18, one of the event leaders, wrote in an email to the Collegeian: “We got mostly stares, laughs, and pictures taken by prospective students and parents; however, there were some elementary school-aged children who were extremely excited about the event and even brought their own face masks .” At Weaver Wednesday, the class  distributed  Zombie Preparedness Kits, consisting of emergency supplies financed by the Kenyon Campus Community Development Fund, a fund which promotes interaction between students, faculty and community.